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Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

In April 2012 the West Texas Counseling & Guidance began providing counseling services to the soup kitchen at Wesley Trinity United Methodist Church.  Dusty McCoy, Executive Director, and other counseling associates, have provided pro bono therapy services that include individual and marital therapy, mental health counseling, and drug & alcohol abuse counseling.  Due to many client requests and the need for these services, the counselors have extended their hours and provided additional counselors from West Texas Counseling & Guidance to see clients.  A bilingual therapist has also been provided to met the needs of the Spanish speaking clients.

The Wesley Methodist nurse first sees the client at the soup kitchen and church, then a physical assessment is completed and if the need for counseling services is determined then a counseling session is scheduled at the soup kitchen while the client is there.  If there are any other medical treatment questions, the therapists are available to discuss those with the nurse.

The testimony below is from one of the Wesley Nurse's:

"Recently, we had 19 year-old client who came to our facility for a physical assessment.   I made the appropriate medical referral and this client was started on needed medications.  The client was also experiencing some psychosis, but was unable to function due to his symptoms.  Upon consulting with the WTCG, the counselor and I were able to coordinate services for this client.  Gradually, after seeing the WTCG therapist, this young man is now becoming comfortable expressing his problems.  He started GED classes, as Dusty and I collaborated together through Adult Literacy Council. This young man has made such great strides in his day to day functioning.  He also referred his brother who was struggling with his own mental health issues.  Their story is filled with emotional turmoil; however, through the intervention of West Texas Counseling & Guidance and the Wesley Nurse, we are seeing definite progress in these young men’s lives.  However, these are just two individuals who have received help.  I have witnessed remarkable change in so many who come to the soup kitchen for their Friday counseling session.   

We are thrilled to have this strong relationship West Texas Counseling and Guidance.  The job
that I do here at Wesley Trinity United Methodist Church and the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen has greatly benefited because of the collaboration with West Texas Counseling & Guidance." 


Leticia Holguin Perez, RN
Wesley Nurse Health Ministries(TM)