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How You Can Help

It’s A Fact…

  • 1 in 4 people in the Concho Valley will need professional mental health services in their lifetime.
  • In 33 years, West Texas Counseling and Guidance has served over 65,000 men, women and children.
  • In 2008, the clinical staff held 1,893 sessions for 415 clients.
  • Of the total 415 clients, 172 were unable to pay. Professional counseling services were provided pro bono, by West Texas Counseling & Guidance.
  • West Texas Counseling & Guidance it the only non-profit outpatient provider of counseling and basic mental health services in the Concho Valley.

Who Will Help?

YOU can help! - Individuals, philanthropists, friends, churches, businesses, and charitable foundations - you have helped West Texas Counseling & Guidance provide outpatient mental health services to Concho Valley residents for over 35 years. Please help us continue to serve the men, women, and children in need of professional counseling services.

How May I Help? 

Your donations could

  • help pay for counseling for someone unable to pay the full fee;
  • help low-income parents attend the For Kids' Sake parenting class;
  • help in the area of greatest need at the time of your donation;
  • help with general operations of the Center;
  • help "grow" the Endowment Fund to assure a long-life for the Center;
  • help in other ways that have a special interest to you.

Give in honor of a loved one. Honor the memory and the life of someone special by giving a gift to West Texas Counseling & Guidance in their memory. Become a Development Partner, and leave a legacy for mental health services. Please call (325) 944-2561 for information.