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Thomas Tilford, LCSW

Thomas Tilford, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker
Office: 325-944-2561
Fax: 325-653-4218

Thomas is a licensed clinical social worker through the state of Texas. He received his Bachelor of Social Work in 2018 from Angelo State University and his Master of Social Work in 2019 from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is now pursuing his Doctorate in Clinical Social Work from Angelo State University.

He spent the initial part of his career working as a Family Based Specialist with the Department of Family and Protective Services. He later transitioned to work in an inpatient psychiatric setting for several years where he provided individual and group therapy services to adults.

Thomas' commitment to mental health treatment is rooted in evidence and genuine care. His training includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Beck Institute and specialized training in trauma and PTSD care using Cognitive Processing Therapy. Thomas has experience working with individuals with depression, anxiety, chronic health conditions, sleep disturbances, self-care deficits, adjustment issues, difficulties with effective communication, and family issues. He also has experience working with youth involved in the foster care system. He is deeply committed to expanding his education, training, and skillset to ensure he is offering the most up-to-date and effective treatments for the clients he works with.

Thomas' approach to therapy is deeply influenced by Rogerian person-centered principles. This means he values and prioritizes the unique experiences and emotions of each individual. By creating an environment of unconditional positive regard, empathy, and congruence, he aims to empower individuals to discover and harness their own inner resources for healing and growth.

With experience in both individual and group therapy, Thomas is skilled in navigating the complexities of human emotions and challenges. He focuses on building a deep, trusting relationship with each individual client. This allows for tailored strategies and interventions that align with each person's unique journey, facilitating more effective and lasting outcomes.

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